When most of us think about hotels we picture luxurious lobbies, stylish rooms and beautifully kept surroundings. But as a Hotel Manager, providing a flawless guest experience whilst maximising revenue, is key to running a successful hotel. This is not always easy in the ever changing hospitality industry and many challenges can often arise.

If you have ever worked in hospitality you will know, that behind the scenes, regimented organisation is fundamental in keeping a hotel running like clockwork. There is a hard working army of soldiers keeping the place ticking over nicely. The staff are often referred to as swans, as their feet paddle furiously beneath the water, while their graceful persona is calm and welcoming to every guest.

However, overflow storage for hotels can often be a problem for the industry. There is just simply not enough of it. This can cause havoc with your highly organised well run hotel and can lead to longer turnaround times, which can create poor staff morale and dissatisfied guests. The highly prized guest experience, becomes not so flawless and revenue takes a dip.

Hotel Storage Optimisation

Trying to think of storage solutions to optimise front of house space in line with demand, can be tricky. Large events such as weddings and conferences are often held in the same space but need different furniture and equipment. Hotel furniture storage can be demanding on the space you do have; bulky chairs and tables are not easy to store and buffet equipment, such as chafing dishes are awkward. Hotel linen often gets crammed away into tiny spaces and can delay the housekeepers. Different sizes get muddled or become too creased to use and are thrown into the hotel laundry again, creating more work or if outsourced, more money! Hotel rooms can sometimes get used for overflow storage not allowing for maximum occupancy, therefore profit projections can be affected.

Hotels shouldn’t be using their own space for storage. These spaces are invaluable for maximising revenue. To keep up with demand and allow for renovation projects and growth, hotels need practical storage space. That’s where we can help. We have a hotel chain who already use part of our warehouse for deep storage when they are renovating rooms or developing areas of their properties.

Hotel Storage Solutions

Here at Eversley Storage we have two types of storage, container storage and warehouse storage. Both types can prove rather handy for the hotel industry. Our containerised units are built specifically for storage and come in a range of different sizes. The space inside can be organised how you like and are roomy enough to allow for racking and hanging rails. All ground floor units have drive up access, allowing for items and supplies to be easily accessible. Boxes can be stacked without danger of toppling over, minimising the risk of injury to staff. Everything can be organised inside within easy reach, all in one place.

Our warehouse storage also known as deep storage, allows you to store items that perhaps you only need on a seasonal basis, like garden furniture or event equipment. Our warehouse holds up to 160 wooden boxes, which measure 5’2″ wide, 8′ high and 7’2″ deep. They are plenty big enough and sturdy enough to hold bulky items of furniture. Our friendly front of house team can organise for your boxes to be forklifted down for access when needed. The boxes are very handy if the hotel likes to rotate its stylish collections within the lobby and guest areas. Keeping up with the ever changing trends, is a job within itself!

How We Can Help

Using our storage space instead of yours can minimise and maximize your front of house space, in line with your occupancy levels. Just think of it as outsourcing your storage; the storage space you do have can spread out the supplies you need on a day to day basis causing less chaos for staff. While other items that are not needed so often can be tucked away nicely, in our storage space. The site can be accessed 7 days a week during our opening hours; so even with all that forward planning, last minute changes won’t be a problem if you need to pop to the site quickly.

If this sounds like the ideal storage solution for your hotel, give us a call on 0118 932 8328 and one of the team will be happy to help.

What our customers are saying

We have used your services previously & as ever, the service from staff & the secured storage that you provide has been nothing but absolutely outstanding. Each & every staff member to answer the phone has been just joyous to deal with. We shall highly recommend your staff & services with 5*+ rating

Mrs J W, Fleet, Hampshire

I have been a customer of Eversley Storage for some 20 years. They offer secure, reasonably priced facilities accompanied by excellent service from friendly and helpful staff. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Sir Gerald Howarth, former MP for Aldershot, Hampshire

Fantastic service and facilities, highly recommended!

Mr B G, Yateley, Hampshire

To all the staff at Eversley Storage, thank you for looking after me so well this year and keeping whats valuable to me safe. You have given me great peace of mind. Thank you.

Mr B E, Guildford, Surrey

I have used the site for a number of years, both for business and personal use and have always been happy. The staff are unfailingly friendly and helpful.

Mrs M D, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire