Have you gone green, or are you sick of the thought of it? How do you feel about your carbon footprint, sustainability, food miles, natural products, carbon offsetting, hybrid cars? Do you try to think locally and act globally? Are you an eco warrior? Or even an eco worrier?

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Environmental concerns follow us to the supermarket, the petrol pump and the kitchen bin. So are we over trying to save the world, or are the messages finally sinking in?

We can all share in environmentalist concerns, but what about balancing them with our daily lives? We’re not just worried about the state of the ozone layer – we’re worried about shrinking paychecks and the rising cost of living, as well. Being guilt-tripped by pictures of the earth suspended in a giant teardrop or cupped in a huge pair of human hands doesn’t always help. We want to do our best to protect the environment for the future, but we need to help ourselves, here and now, as well.

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Never has this been more evident than in the vintage clothing and salvage home decor trends – the appeal of these ideas has persisted for over a decade now. We love the notion of being chic and classic, while simultaneously protecting our pockets and stepping off the constant disposable consumer bandwagon. Vintage style makes us feel both responsible and beautiful.

At Eversley Storage, we can help you if you want to keep furniture or other items you don’t need at the moment, doing your bit for the environment and for your pocket. Your out of date sofa will be perfect for the kids’ student house and the dining chairs from the old set can come out every time you have a party. The space provided by a self-storage unit can save you a house move, an extension, and can help you hang on to items you know you’ll end up needing. Storage is green, but it’s also convenient and low-cost.

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What about us? What are we doing?

When we dispose of old storage units, we now sell them for reuse wherever possible, so instead of ending up on the scrap heap, they can continue their ‘lives’ as a useful resource for another business. We recycle our office waste and donate our spent print cartridges to the MacMillan Cancer Think In! recycling scheme. We support sustainability by providing employees with cycle parking and shower facilities to enable them to conveniently cycle to work. When we built our smart headquarters building ten years ago, we invested in high-spec insulation to conserve heat and save energy. We own and preserve approx. 5 acres of undeveloped woodland which goes some way to offsetting our own carbon footprint.

This article was written by Cath Hammond, the Marketing Manager for Eversley Storage and published in the April 2012 edition of the EHD – Elvetham Heath Directory – magazine and has been reproduced, here.

What would help you, now?