How self storage can help you move house

Self storage has become very popular in recent years, particularly with house movers and it can be a real money saver.

During the ups and downs of moving home, for a short term solution to common delays, self storage provides excellent backup. It also gives you the flexibility to secure the best price for your house when you haven’t yet found the perfect place to buy!

You’ll want to find a storage company which will allow you to take the amount of storage you need, for just as long as you need it and get access to your things while they are in store.


How to choose a storage company

Consider your needs first of all – being able to drive straight up to your unit is a real plus. Consider the opening hours of your storage depot if you are storing items you’ll want frequent access to.

Consider the costs – read the company’s terms and conditions carefully. Check out the bottom line. A seductive introductory discount often works out dearer overall than simply good value.

Consider access – when you’re choosing your storage depot, make sure it’s conveniently located and that there’ll be plenty of space for you to park and unload.

Consider security – check that the depot has really good 24 hour manned security. Find out if the firm is well-established, long-standing and belongs to the SSA (Self Storage Association).

We are signed up to the Trading Standards Tick Box scheme, to protect our customers and ensure that our facilities are safe and secure. We work with Trading Standards UK and other Law Enforcement Agencies to support their work to keep everyone safe.

How to make it work

If you want to redecorate or make home improvements, you can protect your things while the work is going on. You may like to use a storage unit to declutter as part of marketing your home for sale.

Day to day, overflow storage is useful too, for items you don’t need constant access to – skis, scuba gear, paddling pools – stock or archive papers, if you run a home based business – bikes and bunk beds, that aren’t being used by your older kids, but that your younger ones will need soon enough!

Short term or long term, there are any number of ways in which self storage can help you make space.


This article was written by Cath Hammond and published in the 2011 edition of the Waterfords Map Book and has been reproduced, here.

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